Manufacturer of customized composting turners for farming, composting businesses, big private and public sector composters. SCARAB machines are self-propelled; straddle type turners that will turn 6 through 27 foot windrows. There are belt driven or hydraulic driven machines available with a patented track design and independent suspension that allows the machine to "float" across many varieties of terrain. The multiple drive system options are: front drive tires with castors in the back or transverse configuration, four wheel drive, rubber tires, and full track from 14-30 inches wide. Drums are available in six sizes, with eight flail designs and various configurations. After discussing your composting needs with our knowledgeable staff, the SCARAB team will work with you to build a customized compost turner perfectly sized for your project. We offer an unlimited number of compost machine sizes in each small, medium, or large composting level. If you want a 19-foot compost turner, we will build you one. If you bring in specific measurements required for your composting project, we will build a SCARAB compost machine down to the exact measurement. Every part of the SCARAB turners are customizable, which is something you won’t find in other compost turners.