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Case 580 Super N Backhoe
$39,500 USD
Cab, Heat, A/C, 4x4 Extendahoe, Auxiliary Hydraulics, 4-Stick Control, Ride Control,
Usage6,836 Hours
MLS Number9578593
LocationWomelsdorf, Pennsylvania, US
Listed byWeaco Equipment
Caterpillar 9ZC4012 Backhoe

Caterpillar 9ZC4012 Backhoe

$750 USD
18" & 24" Pin-On Cat Buckets (45mm Pins),
MLS Number8615134
LocationRedding, California, US
Listed byMach 1 Machinery
2008 New Holland B95B Backhoe
At auction
2008 NEW HOLLAND B95B LOADER BACKHOE, gp bucket, 4x4, canopy, extension hoe, 2,579 hours indicated. s/n:N8GH17286
MLS Number9596535
LocationColton, California, US
Listed byThe Auction Company
Terex TLB840R Backhoe
$66,500 USD
OROPS, 4WD, New, 4 hrs., 24" Bucket, Ext-Hoe, Pilot Controls, 12x16.5 Front Tires, 500x70x24 Rear Tires, 4 Cyl. Deutz Eng
Usage4 Hours
Stock Number11556
MLS Number9596704
LocationLivingston, Texas, US
Listed byHendrix Machinery LLC
Terex TLB840R Backhoe
$66,500 USD
OROPS, 4WD, New, 5 hrs., 24" Bucket, Ext-Hoe, Pilot Controls, 12x16.5 Front Tires, 500x70x24 Rear Tires, 4 Cyl. Deutz Eng
Usage5 Hours
Stock Number11555
MLS Number9596703
LocationLivingston, Texas, US
Listed byHendrix Machinery LLC
Caterpillar 420E IT Backhoe
$34,500 USD
4x4, x-hoe, cab, front hydraulic coupler w/ 3rd valve, turbo, ride control, pilot controls, rear manual coupler,
Usage8,977 Hours
Stock NumberBH773
MLS Number9579976
LocationPhillipston, Massachusetts, US
Listed byBrookside Equipment Sales
New Holland B95C Loader Backhoe
$65,000 USD
2013 New Holland B95C. Enclosed cab with heat and A/C, 24" dig bucket, manual wedge coupler, standard loader bucket, and aux hydraulics
Usage300 Hours
Horse Power95 HP
Stock Number16-032
MLS Number8693855
LocationKettle Falls, Washington, US
Listed byNewTec Truck & Equipment Co.
Case 580 Super M Series 3 Backhoe
At auction
2008 Case 580 Super M Series 3 4x4 Tractor Loader Extendahoe, s/n N8C504009, Case diesel, Shuttle, with GP bucket, 12� digging bucket & EROPS, (driver side upper door window glass missing,...
Usage2,645 Hours
Stock Number64566
MLS Number9596152
LocationWright City, Missouri, US
Listed byJJ Kane Auctioneers
Caterpillar 416C Backhoe
At auction
2001 Cat 416C Tractor Loader Backhoe, s/n 4ZN24487, Cat diesel, Shuttle, with GP bucket & ROPS, (bad starter, not running, condition unknown ) NOTE: This unit is being sold AS IS/WHERE IS...
MLS Number9595767
LocationWright City, Missouri, US
Listed byJJ Kane Auctioneers
Caterpillar 420F Backhoe
At auction
Caterpillar 420F 4x4 Tractor Loader Extendahoe, s/n CAT0420FVSKR02566, Cat diesel, Shuttle, A/C, with 4 in 1 loader bucket, 12'' digging bucket & EROPS, (Reads 572 hours)
Usage572 Hours
MLS Number9595649
LocationVerona, Kentucky, US
Listed byJJ Kane Auctioneers
John Deere 310J Backhoe
At auction
John Deere 310J Tractor Loader Backhoe, s/n 1T0310JXKA0185799, J.D. diesel, powershift, with 4 in 1 loader bucket, 12'' digging bucket & EROPS, (Reads 859 hours)
Usage859 Hours
MLS Number9595642
LocationVerona, Kentucky, US
Listed byJJ Kane Auctioneers
Case 580 Backhoe
At auction
THIS UNIT RUNS. J.I Case G188D 50 HP, Synchronized Shuttle 8 Forward/8 Reverse, 1 YRD3 Bucket Capacity- 80in Bucket Width, ROPS, 12R16; 19.5R24 Tires, Body Damage/Rust. Location: Byram, MS...
Duty ClassHeavy Duty
Stock Number42345
MLS Number9595607
LocationByram, Mississippi, US
Listed byHousby
John Deere 410J Backhoe
$32,500 CAD
Usage9,106 Hours
Stock Number0U175559
MLS Number9595584
LocationCALGARY, Alberta, CA
Listed byBrandt Tractor
Kubota BX25D Backhoe
$13,500 USD
LOW HOUR 2014 Kubota BX25D (Under 200 hours), with backhoe attachment, 3 point hitch, front loader
MLS Number9594960
LocationCarson City, Nevada, US
Listed byThorsteinson Equip. Sales & Rentals
Case 580 Super M Plus 2 Backhoe
$36,000 USD
Cab, Heat, 4x4, Pilot Controls, Auxiliary Hydraulics, Ride Control, 24" Bucket,
Usage2,650 Hours
MLS Number9594938
LocationWomelsdorf, Pennsylvania, US
Listed byWeaco Equipment
2007 Case 580 Super M Series 2 Backhoe
At auction
2007 CASE 580SM+ SERIES 2 LOADER BACKHOE, 4-in-1 bucket, 4x4, canopy, extension hoe. s/n:N7C431096
MLS Number9579655
LocationColton, California, US
Listed byThe Auction Company
Caterpillar 420D Backhoe
$35,000 USD
Usage6,073 Hours
Stock NumberZID-125568
MLS Number9586214
LocationSaint Paul, Minnesota, US
Listed byZadoon
John Deere 310G Backhoe
$25,000 USD
-Erops, -2wd, -Wet kit, -Runs as it should
Usage4,100 Hours
Stock NumberZID-125235
MLS Number9563133
LocationAustin, Texas, US
Listed byZadoon
Case 590 Super M Backhoe
$22,000 USD
-Photos coming soon, -Information coming soon
Usage6,097 Hours
Stock NumberZID-125129
MLS Number9560848
LocationHartford, Connecticut, US
Listed byZadoon
Caterpillar 426 Backhoe
$22,000 USD
-Photos coming soon, -Information coming soon
Usage11,471 Hours
Stock NumberZID-125133
MLS Number9560846
LocationAlbany, New York, US
Listed byZadoon
Caterpillar 420F ST Backhoe
$57,700 USD
-Orops, -4wd, -E-stick, -Aux Hyd, -MP-bucket, -Photos Coming Soon
Usage2,600 Hours
Stock NumberZID-125132
MLS Number9560845
LocationSacramento, California, US
Listed byZadoon
John Deere 410K Backhoe
$80,250 USD
Usage2,992 Hours
Stock NumberZID-125227
MLS Number9560844
LocationMontpelier, Vermont, US
Listed byZadoon
Volvo BL60 Backhoe

2006 Volvo BL60 Backhoe

$29,000 USD
-EROPS, -TIRES :Front 12-16.5 Rear 19.5L-24, -Bucket Width 24" Bkt, -Quick Coupler, -Lower P&B have a 1/16"- of movement Upper has slight movement
Usage787 Hours
Stock NumberZID-125496
MLS Number9580184
LocationLansing, Michigan, US
Listed byZadoon
Case 580N Backhoe

2013 Case 580N Backhoe

$37,950 USD
-4WD, -Std hoe
Usage2,700 Hours
Stock NumberZID-125536
MLS Number9583887
LocationAthens, Georgia, US
Listed byZadoon
John Deere 410E Backhoe
$250,950 USD
40 Ton Adt Cab W/ Ac, -40 Ton, -Bed Heater, -6x6, -Bed Liner, -Tailgate Powertrain
Usage4,701 Hours
Stock NumberZID-125599
MLS Number9591632
LocationMadison, Wisconsin, US
Listed byZadoon
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Backhoes for Digging, Demolishing, Landscaping, Mining and Grading

A backhoe largely resembles a tractor with the exception of a front loader bucket and a rear digging bucket, allowing it to perform many different supportive roles for construction, landscaping, and earthmoving projects. With the right attachments, backhoes are commonly found on construction sites hauling materials, performing light demolition, and grading roads; they are also found around the farm laying irrigation pipes, digging barn posts, and burying livestock; backhoes can do landscaping chores such as removing tree stumps (as well as whole trees), constructing artificial ponds, and creating stone walls; finally, backhoes are used to deepen and widen (excavate) mine shafts such as coal pits.

My Little Salesman understands the versatile power of a backhoe, which is why we list backhoes for sale (and backhoe attachments) that can effectively match your industry needs quickly and at a fair market value. Whether you need a single tilt or parallel backhoe (center mount or side shift), our backhoe listings have got you fully covered!

Choosing the Right Backhoe

First, decide between the two main types of backhoes:

  • Center Mount – The rear backhoe does not move from the center point at all. The stabilizers swing out widely, giving more stability at the cost of creating a larger footprint. Primarily used for farming and construction jobs with open spaces.
  • Side Shift – Vertical stabilizers lets the operator get as close as possible to building. The rear backhoe can move at various angles instead of staying fixed to one point, which allows it to keep the boom tucked closely the machine when traveling. These characteristics make them popular for small sites without much room.

For the backhoe loader, you usually have two choices:

  • Single Tilt – A single central ram dumps the bucket and retracts to pull the bucket back into place (cheaper, less efficient).
  • Parallel Lift – Three rams support the arm and the bucket so that the bucket stays in place while rising (for an improved lifting performance).

Above all else, deciding on a backhoe largely depends on the size of the task at-hand. While backhoes can easily perform smaller jobs, it is sometimes more cost-efficient to use smaller equipment such as mini-excavators and skidders. At the same time, as powerful as they are, backhoes should be used for medium-sized jobs.

Tips for Buying Used Backhoes for Sale

  • Make sure the teeth of the loader bucket and backhoe bucket aren’t loose, missing, or scalloped, and that all the bolts are still in place.
  • The loading arms, backhoe boom and stick should not be cracked or poorly re-welded.
  • Hydraulic hoses should free from breaks and scratches, and the couplings should not be worn or loose.
  • Cylinders should not be leaking, dinged or scratched.
  • The engine should not leak or make strange noises.
  • Check the service date of the air filter to determine if the owner was responsible
  • The stabilizers should not be leaking, cracked, or dented, and the shoes must not be bent.
  • The cab’s seat, foot pedals and joy stick should work well.
  • Try to compare the hour meter with the general condition of the cab.

Backhoe Buying Guide

Need more information? Check out our backhoe buying guide for details on sizes, specs, attachments, costs, and more!

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