John Deere Expands Upon Precision Technology Suite With SmartGrade Remote Support

Providing customers and dealers with the most efficient method of troubleshooting and increasing uptime

SmartGrade Remote Support
John Deere is now offering SmartGrade Remote Support on its newest SmartGrade dozers, motor graders, excavators, and compact track loaders. SmartGrade Remote Support, which includes both Remote Display Access (RDA) and Wireless Data Transfer (WDT), will be available on most SmartGrade products for six years from the factory invoice date.

Currently available on the 700L/750L/850L SmartGrade dozers, the SmartGrade motor graders and the 210G LC and 350G LC SmartGrade excavators, and the compact track loaders, these features enable dealers and customers to work together to remotely transfer project files to machines and troubleshoot any grade control-related issues. This allows for efficient management of large GPS equipment fleets. Real-time remote visibility and management of important grade control parameters can save valuable troubleshooting time and keep machines up and running. Dealers can also use the latest technology for operator training and troubleshooting.

“Offering real time support to our customers is key, especially when it comes to the precision construction lineup. By incorporating technology like SmartGrade in our excavator lineup, we are helping to boost job site productivity and efficiency while enhancing the capabilities of our operators,” said Sean Mairet, product manager grade control, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “There isn’t always a one-size-fits-all solution, and contractors need options to pair the right technology with their business needs. This is where customers really benefit from the flexibility of our grade management path.”

SmartGrade Remote Support provides customers with the most efficient method of troubleshooting and increasing uptime and enables the dealer to remotely monitor and support the machine from miles away. Wireless Data Transfer provides the ability to remotely send updated design files to the machine, saving trips to the job site. Any user with a account paired with the machine can utilize remote support.

To learn more about SmartGrade Remote Support, as well as the full range of John Deere precision construction technology solutions, visit

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