John Deere Employs Customer Feedback to Make Updates to G-Series Swing Machines

Featuring easier serviceability and enhanced reliability

John Deere G Series swing machine

John Deere is releasing an update of their G-Series Swing Machines, meant to improve the operator experience. This update comes as a direct result of feedback from customers, and changes include a new design for improving serviceability and increased productivity and uptime. The eight new models, the 2154G, 2156G, 2654G, 2656G, 3154G, 3156G, 3754G, and 3756G, are built for the toughest of jobs with reliability at the forefront.

“After successfully launching the G-Series Swing Machines in 2016, we wanted to continue to perfect the machines based on customer experience in the field. The new features, which will be available on the 2019 models and on, will streamline serviceability and improve the machine design, while still retaining the power and productivity of the original models.”
- Jarvis De Groot, product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry

The 2019 machines feature several improvements to the machine design. A larger travel device improves tractive effort on the 2654G and 2656G machines, as well as select 2154G and 2156G models. The new LH side door features an easy-to-remove screen, allowing for the removal of collected debris. A shovel and axe mounting provision on all machines provides a secure and easily accessible storage location.

The cabs have been changed, adding a USB port for device charging and relocating the auxiliary and USB ports to behind the seat. The side-entry cab features a larger gas strut for the door and new handrail, improving entry and exit. Additionally, satellite radio is no longer required with the Convenience Deluxe package on the side-entry and rear-entry cabs.

Serviceability has also been improved on the G-Series Swing Machines. A pre-cleaner for engine air intake of the Final Tier 4 engines improves air filter life, while fuel shut-off valves eliminate fuel leakage and spillage during fuel filter changes. A new hinged AC condenser improves access, making it easier to clean out debris trapped between the radiator and AC condenser. The G-Series machines also feature remote grease lines for the boom cylinder base pins, improving ground-level serviceability. An optional hydraulic oil level alarm provides an audible and visible alarm that the hydraulic oil level is extremely low and requires immediate machine shut down.

In addition to the new changes, the G-Series machines still incorporate the most popular features from the original models, including improved cabs, better machine performance and a more durable design. The John Deere swing machines come standard with JDLink™ telematics five years in base, offering owners and operators remote diagnostics and streamlined connectivity.

John Deere G Series swing machine
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