John Deere Upgrades 470G LC Excavators with Grade Guidance Technology for Enhanced Power and Precision

The future of precision excavation

John Deere 470G LC Excavator

John Deere is upgrading their 470G LC Excavators with new grade guidance technology, developed in cooperation with Topcon Positioning Group. The concept was originally designed for use with 210G LC and 350G LC Excavators, providing operators with bucket location in relation to a 2D reference or 3D design surface. This power and precision then arms those operators with the detail necessary for precision excavation projects like digging trenches for pipe laying, shaping ditches or slopes, and digging structure foundations.

“Accuracy and productivity are critical to our customers, and the new integrated system provides them with just that. With this integrated solution, the system’s sensors are protected from damage and the display is conveniently placed in the cab. Additionally, this technology is fully supported by the customer’s John Deere dealer, eliminating downtime and expediting earthmoving operations.”
- Jonny Spendlove, excavator product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry

Equipped with a display in the operator station, the grade guidance system provides operators with the elevation and position of the bucket cutting edge with respect to a target plane (2D) or design surface (3D). Support through the JDLink™ telematics system provides information on system utilization and allows rapid diagnosis of problems.

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