Redefining Trailer Transport: LiftWise's Innovative Trailer Stacker

Unveiling LiftWise's Trailer Stacker, the next big thing in trailer transportation. Discover its features and how it's revolutionizing the industry.

liftwise trailer stacker

Revolutionizing Trailer Handling

In the cozily bustling town of Waco, Texas, LiftWise® is breaking new ground in the world of trailer transportation. Say hello to the Trailer Stacker, a game-changer for anyone in the trailer industry, from manufacturers and distributors to dealers. This revolutionary piece of industrial equipment not only makes trailer stacking a breeze but also ensures a safe and efficient operation.

Ergonomic Design Meets Efficiency

The genius of the Trailer Stacker lies in its unique design. Comprising two fixed and two moving lifting masts, the stacker is versatile enough to accommodate trailers of varying lengths. Whether you're looking to shift, retract, or extend, each mast is up to the task. And for those worried about trailer stability, the self-centering suspension feature ensures that trailers remain stable as their suspension compresses.

Moreover, the intuitive rail guide system ensures each trailer is naturally centered without causing any damage to the tires or rims. 

liftwise trailer stacker

Single-Handed Operation? No Problem!

There's no need for special rigging or clambering onto trailers. The Trailer Stacker only requires a single operator. Thanks to the wireless remote, operators can freely walk around the unit, adjusting lift points as required. But for those who prefer a stationary position, redundant controls are also available at a fixed station—maximizing flexibility. 

liftwise trailer stacker

Specifications You'll Love

Looking for capacity? The Trailer Stacker boasts an impressive 26,000-pound capacity—designed to fit trailers ranging from 26 to 53 feet in length and 96 to 102 inches in width. This makes it the perfect fit for a variety of trailers.

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