Manitou Announces New Lineup of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

Now featuring two electric and three diesel models

Manitou mobile elevated work platform lineup Manitou has announced its new lineup of both diesel and electric mobile elevated work platforms (or MEWPs) for its North American market. This squad of platforms features two electric models, the AETJ 49 and the AETJ 43, as well as three diesel models, the ATJ 46, ATJ 46+, and the MAN’GO 33. These models were debuted for the first time at the recent ARA Rental Show in New Orleans earlier this month.

The ATJ diesel-powered range was introduced in Europe in 1992, utilizing components from Manitou's highly regarded telescopic handlers, such as axles with limited slip differential, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and heavy duty booms.

Manitou ATJ46

Manitou ATJ 46

The ATJ 46, which had a world premiere at The ARA Rental Show, introduces new features to drastically reduce the total cost of ownership, including an automatic start and stop system and 24 hp Kubota engine that does not require after treatment. The Manitou ATJ 46 has a platform height of 45 feet 11 inches. It also boasts an impressive up-and-over reach of 27 feet 3 inches at a height of 24 feet 2 inches.

The Manitou ATJ 46+ is ideal for any high-capacity job, with a large platform that can handle up to 900 pounds without restriction. The platform reaches up to 45 feet 6 inches and has a horizontal outreach of 28 feet 3 inches.

Manitou MAN'GO 33

Manitou MAN'GO 33

For the rental market, Manitou developed the diesel-powered MAN'GO 33 that is compact, lightweight, easy to use and easy to maintain. At just 5 feet 10 inches wide and 9,150 pounds, the MAN'GO 33 is the smallest and lightest machine of its category and therefore easier and less costly to transport. A unique articulation system with a single lift cylinder keeps the machine compact and allows for simple and fast operation.

For electric powered MEWPs, Manitou offers the AETJ 43 and AETJ 49. In the industrial market, where maximum up-and-over reach is critical, the AETJ 49 shines. The Manitou AETJ 49 is only 5 feet 9 inches wide but can still reach up to 48 feet 11 inches vertically and 30 feet 11 inches horizontally, providing the best outreach to width ratio. The Manitou AETJ 43 is a smaller model, with an overall width of 4 feet 11 inches, a platform height of 42 feet 7 inches and a horizontal reach of 24 feet 11 inches. Both machines are fitted with 48-volt traction batteries to optimize performance, duty cycles and battery life.

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