The New 50-Inch Toolbox from Minimizer Holds Everything You Need and More

From wrenches to shovels; store all your tools in one, durable place

Minimizer 50-inch toolbox
Minimizer is answering the commonly asked question: “Do you have a larger toolbox?” Thier new 50-inch box is hitting the heavy-duty aftermarket just in time for the holidays. This Christmas, give the gift of ultra-durable storage space for even the largest of tools.

“We get it all the time. A 36-inch tool box isn’t necessarily big enough for certain applications, and we pride ourselves in meeting consumer demand.”
- Minimizer Director of Marketing Steve Hansen

Hansen says that demand is the primary reason the company is introducing a new 50-inch tool box to the heavy duty aftermarket.

“Frequently, we hear about drivers that need additional space for tools, and this new box presents the perfect solution. For instance, many drivers carry a shovel, and this 50-inch tool box can accommodate a full-size shovel.”
- Hansen

Made from a proprietary material that the company says will never rust, corrode, crack, or need paint, Minimizer tool boxes come with a lifetime warranty.

“I can count on one hand the number of warranty claims we’ve had since I’ve been here. And I started with the company 13 years ago,” Training Director Rick Swenson said.

The 50-inch tool box comes in six standard colors – black, red, white, silver, yellow, and granite – and is available in two styles - chest and underbody.

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