New Cat 903D Compact Wheel Loader 25 Percent More Rapid and Powerful than Previous Model [VIDEO]

Efficiently powerful, capable, and comfortable

Cat 903D with bucket

Cat’s new 903D compact wheel loader is a powerhouse to say the least, delivering increased performance and enhanced operator comfort, with the ability to run any number of tools, featuring creep control, throttle lock, and a work tool electrical harness. Compared to the machine’s predecessor, the 903D is definitely the optimal machine, with a 25 perfect increase in travel speed and lifting capacity. The new compact wheel loader also delivers powerful efficiency, making it the ideal option for every job from lifting a heavy pallet or sod to traveling from field to farm.

Available with either an open or enclosed cab, the 903D operator's station features a refined ergonomic design with a new multi-function joystick that provides fingertip control of the standard third-function hydraulic system. Whether lifting light material into a hopper or loading heavy pallets onto a truck, the choice of standard-lift or high-lift boom arms increase the 903D's ability to work efficiently in a wide range of applications, with buckets ranging in capacity from 0.8 to 1.3 yd3 (0.6 to 1.0 m3), forks, or a selection of powered and non-powered work tools.

Efficiently powerful

The new 903D's power train uses a fuel-efficient, Tier-4 Final, Cat C2.4 engine, rated at 40 net horsepower (30 KW); Hydrostatic transmission that provides travel speeds to 12.4mph (20 k/hr); And Caterpillar designed planetary-reduction axles that are available with optional differential locks. The differential locks can be engaged "on-the-fly," allowing the 903D to respond instantly to changing ground options. 

The 903D also features a standard auxiliary (third-function) hydraulic system that delivers a flow of up to 14 gpm (52 L/min.) at pressures to 3,481 psi (240 bar), producing ample hydraulic horsepower to operate any number of hydraulic work tools such as brooms, power box rakes and grapple buckets. To facilitate the use of an expanded range of work tools, the 903D is equipped with a standard universal coupler, with an optional electrically activated coupler available for switching attachments from the cab. Auxiliary hydraulic lines with quick connectors are standard, and continuous-flow allows powered tools to be easily controlled.

To further enhance the 903D's versatility and productivity, new optional features allow ground speed (creep control) and engine speed (throttle lock) to be independently controlled, delivering optimum hydraulic power to work tools, while machine travel speed is automatically limited to ensure optimum tool performance. In addition, an optional work-tool electrical harness allows use of attachments that have electrically operated functions.

Loader linkage for the 903D is the Z-bar type, providing both aggressive bucket-digging ability and efficient control in fork applications. Boom arms are available in both standard and high-lift configurations, with the latter increasing hinge-pin height from 10 feet, 1 inch to 10 feet, 7 inches (3 086 to 3 227 milimeters). Standard features for the 903D's loader linkage include boom-float and return-to-dig functions.

Operator's station/serviceability

For the operator's convenience, the 903D's new multi-function joystick provides controls for directional changes, third-function hydraulics, differential locks and continuous hydraulic flow. The operator's station has increased leg room, improved pedal positioning, easier entry/exit, and features a suspension seat and tilt steering wheel. Now available with optional ride control, the 903D offers a smooth ride, reducing the wear and tear on the operator, as well as reducing the amount of material loss out of the bucket when traveling.

The 903D's overall design results in minimal engine overhang, providing enhanced visibility to the rear and corners. Both enclosed cab as well as canopy options are available depending on climate and an optional heavy-duty 90-amp alternator can be used to support the climate-control system.

To facilitate routine maintenance, the 903D's fully opening rear hood allows ready access to the engine compartment, which features side-by-side coolers and transparent fuel/water separator. Options include an engine air pre-cleaner and radiator screen for use in high debris applications. New rear tie down locations under the machine allow for easier transport, and a new engine oil fill location allows for easier access.

Cat 903D moving haybale
Cat 903D with bucket
Cat 903D with cleaning attachment
Cat 903D carrying branches
Cat 903D moving a palm tree

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