Volvo Ensures Ease of Operation by Making Dig and Load Assist Standard on New Excavators and Wheel Loaders

Making Every Operator Your Best Operator

Volvo Load Assist

Volvo Construction Equipment is continuing to enhance productivity within its excavator and wheel loader lineup with the addition of Dig Assist Start, (the basic starter package,) now coming standard on all new EC220E to EC480E excavator models. Additionally, Load Assist will come standard an all new L150H to L260H wheel loader models, along with an “Operator Coaching” app. These packages, powered by Volvo Co-Pilot display, will ensure safety while increasing productivity.

“Our Assist programs give operators greater accuracy and proven time savings, so it makes sense to make these available as standard to help customers get the most out of their machines. With these systems, every operator can be your best operator.”
- Ray Gallant, Vice President, Sales Support at Volvo CE

Dig Assist Accuracy

Dig Assist Start maximizes excavator productivity by making it easier for operators to dig, trench and excavate. Operators can also create more complex, multidimensional site profiles to improve performance with optional upgrades to Dig Assist 2D, Dig Assist In-Field Design, and Dig Assist On-Board Weighing. Powered by the Volvo Co-Pilot in-cab tablet and incorporating sensors and the latest location technology (GNSS), Dig Assist delivers impressive excavation accuracy in a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods.

In addition to becoming standard on L150H to L260H models, Load Assist is also available as an option on L110H and L120H models.

Load Assist Real-Time Information

Volvo Load Assist provides both real-time intelligence to the operator and documentation of work orders for the owner and their customers. Load Assist helps wheel loader customers save time and money with On-Board Weighing, a factory-fit system that can achieve +/- 1% accuracy on every bucket, ensuring machines shift the optimal load. With real-time insights into the bucket’s load, operators can eliminate over-loading, under-loading, reweighing and waiting times. Also using Volvo Co-Pilot, customers can monitor loading progress, track materials and trucks, and change work orders in seconds.

Operator Coaching: Valuable New Load Assist Feature

To help improve operator performance, Volvo is adding a new Operator Coaching functionality to its Load Assist program as a standard feature on L150H to L260H wheel loaders. As machines become more advanced with smarter technology, Operator Coaching helps ensure operators use their Volvo machine to its full potential.

The intuitive app provides real-time guidance to operators on issues including idling, braking, throttling and engaging the transmission lock-up, helping them understand how their actions influence machine productivity and efficiency. It also identifies areas for improvement or necessary changes in their driving technique.

“With Operator Coaching, operators can set targets and objectives to continually develop and improve their operating practices and get the most out of their machines."
- Eric Yeomans, product manager, wheel loaders.

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