WINK Anti-Tip System: Dump Truck Tip-Over Prevention & Protection [VIDEO]

Dump anti-tip protection can be installed on any make or model of dump truck or dump trailer.

WINK Anti-Tip Dump Protection

Dump trucks are larger and tip over more easily than ever before. With the increased frequency of tipping hazards comes the need for a proper dump truck tip-over prevention system. The WINK anti-tip system for dump trucks and dump trailers provides four extra layers of load dump protection to keep dump trailers from turning over.

What is the WINK Anti-Tipping System?

Created by Jimmy Wink, the WINK anti-tip system prevents the driver from raising an unlevel trailer to unsafe heights. In fact, it automatically lets the trailer down when it starts to lean.

Here’s how it works:

  • A bright red warning light comes on when the trailer becomes unlevel, bringing the problem to the driver’s attention before the dump trailer turns over.
  • Even if the driver fails to notice the warning light, dump controllers work with the anti-braking system (ABS) to make it impossible to raise an uneven trailer any further.
  • The horn will honk to warn anyone nearby that the dump trailer is going to turn over (optional).
  • Two hydraulic hoses and an electric hydraulic release valve can immediately remove the hydraulic fluid from the trailer’s power takeoff (PTO), returning the bed to a safe level (optional).

Get the WINK Anti-Tipping System for Dump Trucks and Dump Trailers

The WINK anti-tipping system eliminates human error from dump truck dumping once and for all, ensuring that you, as a business owner, will never get that dreaded phone call about a dump trailer that has turned over. Protect your drivers from tragedy and protect your business from liability by calling (812) 305-3165, or (812) 449-1297, or contacting WINK online

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