John Deere's L-Series Skidders Get Added Horsepower, New Grapple and Boom Options

Other improvements include simplified engine aftertreatment system, better performing diesel particulate filters, roomier and quieter cab.

John Deere 948L Skidder
The L-Series of John Deere's Skidders, the 640L, 648L, 748L, 848L, and 948L models, has been updated with several new enhancements and additions. Among the new additions are, upgrades to the engines to increase horsepower, simplified engine aftertreatment system, and new grapple and boom options. The updated L-Series Skidders are now available in North America.

The most significant upgrade is to the engines to increase horsepower. Based upon our numbers, each model received a 15-20 horsepower increase. The 640L, 648L, 748L, and 848L models offer the maximum horsepower of 237 HP, 237 HP, 263 HP, and 281 HP with the Deere 948L Skidder boasting 300 HP. Enhancements to the 648L and 748L improve pulling power during skidding activities, and the 848L and 948L have better multifunctioning capabilities for increased handling performance.

Additionally, the L-Series Skidders now feature a simplified engine aftertreatment system:
  • Redundant temperature sensors have been removed
  • There is now a single temperature module
  • Harnesses have been rerouted, improving access and reliability, and have more secured points to reduce rubs
  • The Diesel Particulate Filters regeneration interval levels have been increased from 50 to 100 hours
Another improvement on the L-Series models is an extended boom reach option. Designed for steep or uneven terrain, the longer booms increase lift height and improve rearward and downward reach. The new booms also reduce interference with the arch and fenders during turning and contact of tongs on tires and fenders when rotating the grapple.

Based on customer requests, the L-Series skidders now offer 17.5 square foot (1.63 square meter) grapple option for all dual function models. Ideal for a variety of skidding applications, the new grapple increases productivity in thinning or heavy load applications.

The cabs in the L-Series Skidders are now 25 percent roomier and 50 percent quieter, and includes comforts like HVAC system, ergonomic controls and storage space. An optional rotating seat with joystick steering is also available.

The L-Series machines are available with the JDLink, now five years in base, and TimberNavi.

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