Crowley Equipment and My Little Salesman: 30 Years of Trust and Working Together Creates a Bond You Can Rely On

You have to know the people you do business with and you have to learn to trust them. It’s how we are at Crowley Equipment.

My Little Salesman and Crowley Equipment
Michael Crowley has been buying and selling logging and forestry equipment for more than 30 years. His goal was simply to create a service-oriented business dedicated to the buying and selling of logging equipment. In the process Mike discovered a calling and built a business that was so much more than just buying and selling logging equipment. Mike’s practice of doing business with a handshake and a sincere “thank you” for the customers who trusted him built a strong business and a reputation for delivering what customers need from anywhere or to anywhere in the country.

So after more than 30 years why does Michael Crowley do what he does? As Mike puts it..
These are people we get to know, they become friends. We go to their weddings and we go to their funerals and in between we create lifelong friendships. We sell customers a tool that they use to create a better way of life for themselves and their families. It’s worth doing. It’s just that simple.
Because of Mike’s philosophy, he has built reputation for honest reliable communication, that leads to achieving a customers goals in equipment buying. Mike says this regarding his philosophy:
Friends do that for each other, you plan together, you work together and you achieve together. If you can do that for our customers then it makes business worth doing.
That is how our relationship with My Little Salesman has been. We started out as a very small advertiser with them nearly 30 years ago. But they treated us like we had been with them for years. They wanted to know our goals and treated us like we were important. Our My Little Salesman Representative, Doree, is someone we trust and is like a part of our family. They get us results that mean we help our family achieve our dreams.

You have to know the people you do business with and you have to learn to trust them. It’s how we are at Crowley Equipment. So if you need a piece of logging equipment that will help you get to that next level, call or come see us at Crowley Equipment. And if you need to get a great return on your equipment marketing investment, go with a company that is about people and improving your bottom line; call or go see My Little Salesman.
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About Jason Pierce
Jason Pierce is the second generation of Pierce's to own My Little Salesman. Jason remembers travelling with his dad Dick Pierce on sales trips or visiting him at his office as a young boy. These regular visits with his dad is where Jason learned directly how the business of advertising and marketing is integral to the success of a dealer's business.

Jason has studied and written about the Trucking, Construction, Forestry and Agriculture industries since the mid-1990's; focusing on market trends, opportunities in down markets and how to stay not just focused but positive in these very cyclical industries.

Always fascinated by the new opportunities provided by the industries My Little Salesman serves, Jason is as excited today about his life and work as he was when he was a child learning from his dad. It is the regular interactions with the buyers and sellers of the trucks and equipment that keep him excited. Hearing the way their businesses are changing and seeking new and better ways to meet My Little Salesman's original mission of shortening the buying cycle, easing the purchase, making sure the inventory is there when the buyer needs it is what has driven Jason's work since he started part time work at the company in 1987.

A father of 6, Jason lives in Austin, Texas where he enjoys being with his wife Elena and their kids. They are avid sports enthusiasts, enjoying the Austin weather and life that God has provided for them.

To reach Jason, contact My Little Salesman at 1-800-493-2295.
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