Introducing Hilltip's IceStriker™ 8000 CM for Superior Ice Control

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IceStriker™ 8000 CM Combi Spreader

Redefining Ice Control: The IceStriker™ 8000 CM

In a move set to revolutionize the ice control industry, Hilltip has unveiled its new IceStriker™ 8000 CM Combi Spreader. Designed with a robust 8.0 cubic feet capacity, this fully electric, truck-mounted unit is tailored to optimize the spread of various de-icing materials, including bulk sand and gravel, bulk/bag salt, sand-salt mixes, and even fertilizers.

Cutting-Edge Features for Efficient Operation

Key to the IceStriker™ 8000 CM's functionality is its dual-motor system, accommodating both 12- and 24-volt setups, housed within a sealed, weather-resistant enclosure. The innovative GPS speed control system is a standout feature, automatically adjusting material discharge based on vehicle speed to maintain precise coverage. This precision is further enhanced by Hilltip’s exclusive HTrack™ software, the industry's only two-way GPRS tracking system, enabling real-time monitoring and management of the equipment.

Enhanced Material Handling with Integrated Liquid Tank

The IceStriker™ comes equipped with a 370-gallon integrated liquid tank, ideal for pre-wetting materials to reduce salt usage effectively or for direct brine spraying on driving surfaces. An optional spray bar and a 40-foot hose reel extend its utility for tackling hard-to-reach areas and broader de-icing applications.

Built to Last: Superior Materials and Design

Durability is at the core of the IceStriker™ 8000 CM, featuring a stainless-steel auger and a modular hopper made of corrosion-resistant polyethylene. This design is complemented by an inverted V with a vibrator to prevent material bridging, and a stainless-steel flip-up chute optimizes performance in high-humidity conditions.

Tailored for the North American Market

With its headquarters in Pietarsaari, Finland, and a strong presence in Europe, Hilltip has expanded its reach to North America. Following the acquisition of Industrial Metal Products in 2022, Hilltip has established a new manufacturing, sales, and service facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana, ensuring that its high-quality, durable road maintenance equipment is accessible across the continent.

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For more detailed information on the IceStriker™ 8000 CM Combi Spreader or other innovative solutions from Hilltip, visit their North American website at Hilltip Corporation.

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