Your Lowboy Trailer Questions, Answered (FAQ Video + Podcast)

Do you have questions about lowboy trailers? We've got answers!

If you’re looking for lowboy trailers for sale, you likely have a lot of questions. Fortunately, we have a lot of answers! And what we haven’t answered in our Ultimate Lowboy Trailer Buying Guide, you just may find answered right here.


What is the maximum load capacity of a lowboy trailer?

Well now, that’s pretty much like asking how tall a tree can grow—it depends on the tree! But generally speaking, a lowboy trailer can carry a hefty load, ranging from around 40,000 pounds—that's like packing a small house—up to over 150,000 pounds. Now, that's about as much as a space shuttle weighs. But mind you, this all depends on the specific model and how it's set up.

What are the legal requirements for towing a lowboy trailer?

Towing a lowboy trailer is a bit like line dancing—there's a certain step to it, and it sure pays to know the routine before you get started. You'll need a driver's license fit for the job, and your trailer must be properly registered and squared away with the right permits. 

Don't forget about the safety dance—proper lighting, reflective markings, and braking systems are all necessary. And of course, the law's got a say in how much you can tow, and how wide and high your trailer can be. What’s the best advice? Learn the steps before you hit the dance floor, or in this case, the road.

How do I determine the right deck length for my needs?

Picking the right deck length is a bit like choosing the right fishing rod—it depends on what you're aiming to catch. You need to figure out the size of your haul—length, width, height, and all. And don't forget to factor in any big catches you might have in the future.

Choose a deck length that fits your load nicely, and keeps you on the right side of the law. Just like finding the right fishing spot, you'll want to consider load distribution, axle spacing, and weight limits. If you're not sure, it never hurts to ask for advice from those who know the river, or in this case, trailers.

Can a lowboy trailer be customized?

Why, of course! Lowboy trailers can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. Many trailer makers will offer to tailor-make your trailer, changing deck length, width, and height, and adding features like removable goosenecks, hydraulic ramps, or extra axles. They can even outfit your trailer with gear like winches, toolboxes, or extra lighting.

Just remember, options will vary by maker and model, so be sure to chat with the manufacturer of the trailer to see what can be done—unless you planning on making the customizations after the sale on your own.

How long is the lifespan of my lowboy trailer?

Well, a good lowboy trailer, if you take proper care of it, can last you a good 15 to 20 years or more, kind of like a faithful old horse. Regular check-ups, good maintenance, and fixing what needs fixing when it needs fixing—that's the secret. But remember, how often you use it, what you're hauling, the roads you travel, and the weather you face will all play a part, too.

How can I find a reputable lowboy trailer manufacturer or dealer?

Finding a reliable trailer maker or dealer takes a little research. Start online—looking for dealers or manufacturers with a strong presence and good reviews. Industry associations and forums can be a real treasure trove of information. 

Don't be shy to ask colleagues, friends, or folks in the know for their recommendations. And if you get the chance, attend some trade shows or exhibitions to get a firsthand look at what's on offer— and you can size up the manufacturers and dealers right there and then.

Lastly, don't forget to ask about their process, quality control, warranty, and what kind of support they offer after the sale.

Finding a Lowboy Trailer Seller

After you have compiled your Lowboy trailer wish list (models that seem to meet your hauling needs and budget), finding this trailer from a dealership or private seller near you could not be easier! All you need to do is navigate over to My Little Saleman's Lowboy Trailers for Sale page to find trailer listings from dealers and private sellers closest to you. My Little Salesman’s search filtering tool allows you to drill down to find the right size, capacity, manufacturer, model, price, and condition. 

Find your next lowboy trailer for sale today. 

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