Valtra Adds SmartTouch Armrest and More Powerful T4 and N4 Series Tractors

Five new Valtra models include the T234 Direct, T254 HiTech, T254 Active, T254 Versu, and N174. The Valtra SmartTouch will be available on the Versu and Direct models.

Valtra T254 Tractor
If you want a cool looking tractor with award-winning technology, then look no further than the latest additions to the N (115-136 HP) and T (170-271 HP) series by Valtra. Valtra is adding new high output models and the easy-to-use SmartTouch armrest on Versu and Direct models.

The T Series has been expanded with the addition of four new models: the T234 Direct, T254 HiTech, T254 Active, and T254 Versu. The fourth generation (T4) models feature two-step boost, with the T254 having a whopping output of 271 horsepower.

The maximum output of the fourth generation (N4) four-cylinder N174 tractor has jumped to 201 horsepower, thanks to a new two-step boost.

The Valtra SmartTouch will be available on the Versu and Direct models and integrates all the functions needed to operate the tractor, including a multi-function drive-lever, valve switches, rear-linkage and PTO control, a touch screen terminal and push button control pad, via an ergonomic armrest. With the exception of the driver’s seat and air conditioning, Valtra SmartTouch allows the operator to control everything in the tractor. Settings can now be accessed with a only two swipes or taps, and the design makes it impossible to get lost in the menu.

Nine-inch touch screen – easier than your smart phone

The nine-inch touch screen has been designed to allow easy customization of the tractor controls and access to advanced features, such as various counters, the U-Pilot headland management, Auto-Guide and other precision farming options, via as few taps as possible. The navigation is intuitive based on pictures and the actual location of the function on the tractor. Valtra SmartTouch allows the operator or fleet owner to set up an unlimited amount of user or implement profiles, if needed. The displays for the optional Auto-Guide automated steering, ISOBUS implement control and safety camera are fully integrated, eliminating the need for additional monitors and thus improving visibility from the cab.

Valtra SmartTouch Armrest

Intelligent drive lever – use powershift like a CVT

The speed can be increased by pushing the lever and decreased by pulling while at the same time controlling the strength of acceleration or deceleration. There is no need to change between lever and pedal mode, as they work in prefect sync all the time. Drive lever driving is not possible with any other powershift tractor except for the Valtra Versu Series.

The drive lever, with programmable buttons, allows the driver to operate the machine without lifting a hand. The lever has been positioned vertically on the armrest to allow for a natural hand position when commanding the drive speed by pushing or pulling the lever. The design allows the operator to rest their thumb while not operating the rocker switches, and the soft rubber material prevents the hand from slipping away from the lever while driving in rugged terrain. The vehicle is controlled by moving the lever both sideways and forward and back, like a computer mouse.

The production and delivery of the N4 and T4 series models (Versu and Direct) with SmartTouch start in August 2017.
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