Case IH Flex Hoe 900 Air Drill Provides Operators with Maximum Flexibility

Maximizing uptime in a field of ever-changing conditions

New for 2020, the Flex Hoe™ 900 air drill from Case IH is agronomically designed to help producers efficiently seed small grains, no matter the ground conditions.

Case IH is expanding their Flex Hoe series of hoe air drills with the brand new Flex Hoe 900. Operators can now have the flexibility necessary to make quick adjustments across changing terrains with this durable seeding solution. The Flex Hoe 900 model is agronomically designed for efficient seeding of small grains in all ground conditions.

“We designed the Flex Hoe 900 for producers who need a reliable air drill they can count on to get their seeds in the ground. The Flex Hoe series of air drills has provided a lineup of proven performers for many years, and this new addition for 2020 offers the added flexibility, durability and productivity that producers need today.” 
- Trent Nowosad, Case IH marketing manager for seeding equipment

The Flex Hoe 900 is equipped with a proven parallel link opener, designed for exceptional ground contour following to ensure accurate and consistent seed placement. Available in 50-, 60- and 70-foot tool bars with 10- or 12-inch spacing, this air drill features a new, intuitive user interface, so operators can make quick, on-the-go adjustments with ease. 

New opener for accurate, consistent seed placement 

Designed with agronomic ground-engaging components, the Flex Hoe 900 features a short opener length, creating a true 1-to-1 ratio between the knife and press wheel. This proven parallel link opener — and a shorter, more flexible three-rank frame — yields exceptional ground contour following compared with competitive units for superior crop emergence. Additionally, a lower-weight design improves flotation to minimize soil compaction.

A new, patented QUICK-LOCK depth adjuster is ergonomically positioned at waist height and built with presets for easy, tool-free adjustments on each opener to accommodate changing terrain, eliminating the need for a wrench or any other tools.

“At Case IH, we understand the importance of Agronomic Design. The true 1-to-1 ratio is key to ensuring accurate and consistent seed placement, and the Flex Hoe 900 is one of the few of its kind on the market today with this important feature. When field conditions run the gamut, a parallel link opener paired with the ability to make quick adjustments will ultimately help producers cover more acres.”
- Nowosad

New user interface 

The Flex Hoe 900 air drill incorporates a user interface with the look and feel that operators of Precision Air™ 5 series air cart and Precision Disk™ air drill operators have come to love. With the Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Pro 700 display, an intuitive, easy-to-use interface controls opener and frame down pressure from the run screen and comes with five presets to allow easy changes for varying soil conditions — all from the cab. This new software emphasizes operator empowerment by providing them with the tools to fix any unexpected issues right in the field.

To further simplify operation, the Fold Wizard — a feature of the AFS Pro 700 display — prompts the operator when to remove transport lock pins, what remotes to activate and when to activate them, as well as safety reminders. This functional automation takes some of the technical skills out of the tasks, making it easier for the operator to run efficiently — regardless of skill level. 

Built for tough and varying soil conditions 

The Flex Hoe 900 air drill is built tough through innovative manufacturing practices, such as laser cutting and machine after-welding, which yield stronger and more robust row units. Advanced materials paired with durable components in all joints eliminates wear, while large-diameter chrome pins and sintered metal bushings are used on all pivots to increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs. 

“When it’s time to seed, there’s no time for downtime. This spring showed the importance of maximizing tight windows. With the Flex Hoe 900, producers won’t have to worry about fixing or replacing parts when they need to be in the fields.”
- Nowosad

High-efficiency Seeding

To further help producers cover more acres in a day and transport easily between fields, the Flex Hoe 900 features an innovative fold-back design and transports smaller than competitive units. For maximum productivity, producers can pair the Flex Hoe 900 with the Precision Air 5 series air carts and Steiger® series tractor.

The Flex Hoe 900 expands the Case IH seeding lineup and will be available for the Model Year 2020 season. 

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