Harvest More with New Case IH 3100 Series Draper Headers

Featuring superior crop feeding and less susceptibility to crop moisture

Enhanced draper head models provide more durability and increased reliability to help producers harvest more of what they grow.

New Case IH 3100 Series II rigid and flex draper headers are here and ready to deliver unmatched harvest performance. The headers boast an impressive 118 product enhancements since the introduction of the original 3100 Series draper header. Improvements include improved durability, increased reliability, and ground-following capabilities.

“Case IH draper heads allow you to harvest more of what you grow. With superior crop feeding and less susceptibility to crop moisture, harvest efficiency is improved and producers can harvest more acres per day."
- Ryan Blasiak, Case IH harvesting marketing manager.

With models from 30 to 45 feet, the latest updates to the Case IH 3100 Series II draper head design improvements enhance reliability and durability at harvest. Features such as the cam action reel, CentraCut™ Knife Drive and narrow end dividers allow you to put more grain in the tank. The Case IH 3162 Series II TerraFlex™ headers feature a truly flexible cutterbar and new airbag suspension in the center section. Plus, cast flex arms with cutouts prevent material buildup to increase uptime.

“With the Series II updates, we provide superior flotation regardless of harvesting conditions. If it’s necessary to harvest in soft conditions, producers can feel confident their header won’t push in the field.”  
- Blasiak

Backed by a two-year factory warranty, Case IH draper heads offer superior crop feeding and less susceptibility to crop moisture. The exclusive in-cab deployment of low-speed transportation system requires no header cart. Exclusive CentraCut Knife Drive with center-mounted knife drive improves performance across the cutterbar and minimizes cutterbar vibration. The CentraCut Knife Drive offers two times the cutting force as a dual wobble box and three times as a single wobble box. Helical-cut gears ensure the cutter bar never falls out of timing. Narrow end dividers (6-inch width) compared with competitive 10-inch wobble-box-equipped headers reduce crop knockdown and increase grain savings.

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