Hilltip's IceStriker DSB: Salt Spreader Attachment Revolutionized

Let's look at the all new IceStriker DSB from Hilltop—a versatile spreader attachment for heavy equipment that leverages the latest technology to help you tackle winter maintenance tasks on a variety of surfaces.

Hilltip IceStriker DSB Salt Spreader Attachment for Heavy Equipment

In a significant development for heavy equipment attachments, Hilltip has introduced the IceStriker™ DSB—a state-of-the-art spreader attachment designed for compact tractors and loaders. This innovative drop spreader is set to transform winter maintenance, offering unparalleled efficiency and versatility.

Compact and Powerful: The Ideal Spreader Attachment

The IceStriker DSB is available in 8- to 18-cubic-foot capacities, featuring a self-loading design for easy attachment to both front and rear of heavy equipment. This spreader attachment is perfect for distributing salt, sand, and fine gravel on various surfaces such as parking lots, courtyards, and walkways, ensuring safe winter conditions.

Precision Control in Spreader Technology

The IceStriker DSB offers a choice between hydraulic motors with conventional controls and optional 12-volt electric drives. For advanced control, the StrikeSmart™ system provides either a hard-wired CAN bus controller or Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone controls, making this spreader attachment a leader in its class.

Hilltip IceStriker DSB Salt Spreader Attachment for Heavy Equipment

Next-Gen Tracking with HTrack™

This heavy equipment attachment features Hilltip’s unique HTrack™ tracking software, a two-way GPRS communication system for remote monitoring and management. This technology allows for setting geofenced work sites, customizing application rates, and monitoring operations, significantly enhancing the efficiency of winter road maintenance.

Safe and Efficient Operation

With GPS integration, the StrikeSmart controller automatically adjusts material feed rates based on travel speed, optimizing the use of resources. Operators can focus on driving while having the option to manually control the spreader attachment for tailored maintenance tasks.

Built for Durability

Designed with the challenges of winter maintenance in mind, the IceStriker DSB includes a top screen to prevent debris entry and offers optional upgrades like an LED rear light kit and quick-hook attachments for ease of use with various heavy equipment.

Hilltip's Legacy in Road Maintenance

Hilltip, headquartered in Finland, is renowned for its durable, high-tech road maintenance equipment, including heavy equipment attachments. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Hilltip’s expansion to North America signifies its dedication to providing global solutions in road maintenance. 

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