Introducing: Digital Deal Jacket Checklists From My Little Salesman

Learn how to ensure that every aspect of every sale is quickly and easily accounted for using Digital Deal Jacket Checklists—a feature now built into your My Little Salesman Sales Desk.

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Checklists—they’re not just for astronauts and brain surgeons anymore! 

If you’re checking out this video, you’re likely a sales professional in the commercial trucking, trailer, or heavy equipment industry. As such, you’re keenly aware of the many moving parts of any transaction that require your attention and accountability and that leaving out or forgetting any number of details can derail or delay the success of any sale. 

It’s for this reason that your friends over at My Little Salesman are thrilled to show you a new feature of our Dealer Management System designed to make your life so much easier—

Introducing: Digital Deal Jacket Checklists

So, what is a deal jacket checklist? 

If you’ve ever worked in or are familiar with the automotive sales industry, you’ve likely come across deal jackets or “deal jacket folders”—folders for each transaction with a templated checklist of items printed on the outside. These highly visible checklists provide sales representatives with a quick look at which documents or steps in the sales process have been accounted for and which still need attention. 

Digital deal jacket checklists from My Little Salesman are essentially the same style of checklists for those in the heavy equipment, commercial trucking, and trailer sales industries—baked into your My Little Salesman Sales Desk in your Dealer Management System

Digital deal jacket checklists allow you to create as many customized checklist templates as you want and assign one to every deal in your Sales Desk.

Once assigned, you can view the completion progress of any deal jacket checklist at a glance in real-time from your Deals section or through the Summary section or any Deal.

Creating and assigning various deal jacket checklists in your My Little Salesman Dealer Management System is quick, easy, and gives your sales team the peace of mind of seeing that all aspects of every transaction have been accounted for.

If you’re a My Little Salesman Dealer Management System user, this functionality is included in your plan and is now ready to be put to work for your dealership.

To help you get started using deal jacket checklists immediately, we’ve created a step-by-step tutorial that we’ve linked in the description of this video and in the corresponding article.

We think you’re going really enjoy using deal jacket checklists from My Little Salesman. If you have any questions, log on to for help.

View Your Guide to Deal Jacket Checklists (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

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