Introducing: Two New Learning Channels from My Little Salesman

Whether you're a buyer or seller, we've created a library of learning resources just for you.

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Are you ready to learn what you need to know to help grow your business? Let's talk about it!

Howdy, friends. Ken here. Over here at My Little Salesman, we're obsessed with connecting your business with what it needs to thrive. But we understand that we serve two very different groups—buyers and sellers.

Let me know which of these groups sounds more like you:

Group A. You need to buy, rent or lease quality heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, or parts to grow your business—whether you're an owner-operator truck driver, construction company, farmer, landscaper, fleet manager, or any other business in need of heavy-duty gear.

Or maybe you identify as...

Group B. You need to sell this equipment to the group I just mentioned—whether that means selling trucks, trailers, construction equipment, fleet vehicles, or parts for any of these.

To better serve both Group A as well as Group B, we've created two online learning academies dedicated to providing incredibly useful knowledge—while keeping it relevant to your needs.

Buying Bigger Better Academy

For Group A, the buyers, we're excited to introduce you to Buying Bigger Better Academy — an interactive online library of resources to help you make the best buying decisions possible. On either the written, video, or podcast versions of Buying Bigger Better Academy, you can enjoy unfettered access to dozens of buying guides, FAQs, and more — with new resources being added on a regular basis.


Heavy Duty Dealer Academy

For Group B, the sellers, we're thrilled to bring you Heavy Duty Dealer Academy — an array of interactive resources designed to help sellers of heavy equipment, fleet vehicles, and parts, manage, market, and sell to the truckers, construction workers, farmers, and other hardworking customers in need of quality goods—again, with new resources being added regularly.


We're always looking for ways to make these academies as useful to you as possible, so let us know—what would you like to learn more about? What questions would you like to get answered? What concept would you like summarized or explored? Just let us know in the comments of this or any other episode.

To explore these resources and remain updated, make sure to subscribe to either Buying Bigger Better Academy or Heavy Duty Dealer Academy - or both! We've included links in the description of this episode as well as its written versions. You'll also find links to the podcast versions of these academies so you can listen on the go.

So, what do you think? Let us know what you'd like to see!

We'll see you next time on either Buying Bigger. Heavy Duty Dealer Academy, or right here on the main My Little Salesman YouTube channel.

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About Ken Lane
Ken’s affinity for the heavy equipment industry was fostered as a curious youngster—becoming happily lost on his grandfather’s tractor sales and service lot (his favorite color is still Allis-Chalmers Orange). Since then, he’s perfected the art of turning black coffee into helpful buyer resources and marketing materials for My Little Salesman.
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