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My Little Salesman 2019 Logo
Over the past few months, My Little Salesman has been a construction site behind the scenes. But, no need to worry, we’ve been in the construction business for 61 years!

The project? The My Little Salesman logo.

The reason? To have the logo reflect My Little Salesman’s mission of "bringing buyers and sellers together" in the 21st century.

The My Little Salesman Logo – the "Good," the "Bad," and the "Ugly"

Sounds scary, but a little self-irony has never harmed anyone.

My Little Salesman Logos 1958-1978

Let’s start with the "Ugly".

When My Little Salesman was founded in 1958 and in the following years well into the 90’s, our logo was simply our name. It came in all different shapes, sizes, fonts, and colors. It would be written out long hand, shortened to “MLS”, stacked, placed inside a colored circle, or just dropped on the page. Whatever looked good on paper, on a sticker, on a sign, or on the side of a truck.

My Little Salesman Logos 1980-2006

Here comes the "Bad".

In 1990, our company had grown so much that we now owned a printing company, a finance company, an auction marketing company, two horse magazines and a trucking electronics company. In 1994 we added twelve golf magazines to the mix.

“My Little Salesman” or “MLS” just wasn’t quite a good fit for all of our endeavors anymore.  Thus a several new logos were born:
  • The MLS corporate logo for use across all company owned operations
  • The Heavy Equipment catalog logo, and
  • The Truck and Trailer catalog logo
But wait, there’s more! We even had different colors for each of the logos and in 1999 we added yet a fourth logo and color scheme: the MLS Internet Media logo.

My Little Salesman (MLS) Diamond Logo

And finally the "Good".

In 2006, Jason Pierce took over the businesses from his father, who took his well-deserved retirement. Jason decided to concentrate on the My Little Salesman Heavy Equipment and Trucks & Trailers catalogs and Web services only and to part with the other remaining businesses under the MLS-umbrella.

Since then, the MLS-logo in a diamond was used for print as well as the online presence of My Little Salesman.

In 2014 we rolled out a major overhaul of our online equipment marketplace and we’ve been on a roll ever since, adding a toolbox of dealer technology solutions including inventory management, customer relationship management, and sales management systems, as well as online marketing and social media advertising solutions, all while facilitating and providing the best user experience for both buyers and sellers. Our online growth has been exponential since 2014 with over 5x more customers.

In order to reflect our modern and evolving approach to our mission of "bringing buyers and sellers together", we decided that it’s time to give our logo a little facelift as well.

My Little Salesman New Logo

The "New Logo".

There are three things we wanted to accomplish:
  1. A simple, clean-cut, recognizable logo, that makes our customers go “Yep, My Little Salesman.”
  2. A refined representation of My Little Salesman's mission statement of "providing tools and services to bring buyers and sellers of heavy equipment, trucks, and trailers together."
  3. A reflection of honesty, reliability, and trust - values My Little Salesman stands for.
The solution: our founding date, our name, and a handshake.

My Little Salesman Logo Founding Date

Our founding date.

The founding date in our logo is a reminder of our stability and dedication and that we’re:
  • Old enough to remember the time when we sewed our catalogs together by hand,
  • Strong enough to not only survive many recessions, but to actually thrive and grow as we were able to help customers when no one else could,
  • Young enough to adapt to the present and the future of our industry.
Long story short: we’ve been too long in business to quit and we’re not going anywhere but forward.

My Little Salesman Logo Text

Our name.

In our new logo, we emphasize the word “Salesman”. A good salesman has the ability to connect, build relationships, listen, understand, communicate, and partner with clients to find the exact fit they need.

My Little Salesman has been the trusted little salesman for those looking to acquire or sell trucks, trailers and heavy equipment for over 60 years.

My Little Salesman Handshake

The handshake.

With ever changing technology comes the need for a logo that can be as big as the side of a semi-trailer or as small as a button on a phone and still be recognizable. So, as for the visual for our logo, we thought we’d shake things up and go for a handshake.

The handshake has been used in our industry to “seal the deal” for decades and is a symbol of honesty, reliability, and trust, which are values My Little Salesman stands for.

Over the next few months, you’ll see our new logo rolled out to all My Little Salesman publications, communications, and experiences.

If you approve of our new logo, give us a handshake on our Facebook post.
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About Jason Pierce
Jason Pierce is the second generation of Pierce's to own My Little Salesman. Jason remembers travelling with his dad Dick Pierce on sales trips or visiting him at his office as a young boy. These regular visits with his dad is where Jason learned directly how the business of advertising and marketing is integral to the success of a dealer's business.

Jason has studied and written about the Trucking, Construction, Forestry and Agriculture industries since the mid-1990's; focusing on market trends, opportunities in down markets and how to stay not just focused but positive in these very cyclical industries.

Always fascinated by the new opportunities provided by the industries My Little Salesman serves, Jason is as excited today about his life and work as he was when he was a child learning from his dad. It is the regular interactions with the buyers and sellers of the trucks and equipment that keep him excited. Hearing the way their businesses are changing and seeking new and better ways to meet My Little Salesman's original mission of shortening the buying cycle, easing the purchase, making sure the inventory is there when the buyer needs it is what has driven Jason's work since he started part time work at the company in 1987.

A father of 6, Jason lives in Austin, Texas where he enjoys being with his wife Elena and their kids. They are avid sports enthusiasts, enjoying the Austin weather and life that God has provided for them.

To reach Jason, contact My Little Salesman at 1-800-493-2295.
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