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As the 2021 planting season nears, growers are looking at how to drive efficiency, boost yields and make the most of their equipment investments. Case IH shares how to achieve early, consistent soybean emergence to drive yields, and provides equipment investment recommendations for growers to consider to maximize ROI on their operation this year. In addition, new configurations of Precision Air carts bring the largest capacity in the Case IH tow-between model lineup for greater in-field efficiency, while new features for 2000 series Early Riser planters enhance accuracy and minimize compaction.
March 15, 2021

LineWise has introduced its TLL-500A Series 3 Triple Line Lifter for sub-transmission applications. Designed to support three phases of energized conductors between 34.5 kV and 72.5 kV, the product features all-new hydraulic articulation, allowing operators to easily rotate phases up to 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical orientation while servicing sub-transmission lines. It also includes hydraulic cylinders to extend and retract the outer phases.
March 12, 2021

Volvo Construction Equipment is boosting its compact excavator range in North America with two new short-swing models: the ECR50 and ECR58. The 5-ton ECR50 is a new entry for Volvo in North America, while the 6-ton ECR58 gains performance updates from the contractor-favorite D-series model.
March 11, 2021

General Equipment Company has released their 2350 Bor-Max Series earth augers and auger extension, offering excellent digging performance for small, hand-held type earth auger products. These augers are specially designed to drill through unconsolidated soil classifications, such as loams, sands, soft clays and granular rubbles.
March 9, 2021

Waratah Forestry Equipment introduced a new generation of its HTH616C harvester head – the new HTH616C Series-III, which features many new service and accessibility upgrades and is highlighted by a new main control valve designed to increase performance, responsiveness, and compatibility to a greater range of carriers – including WCTL (Wheeled Cut To Length), and smaller, lower powered carriers having limited flow.
February 26, 2021

We hear it all the time, how so many companies are frustrated with the results and wasted time that a grizzly produces. The amount of driving back and forth that your carriers are doing on-site. It doesn't make sense that material needs to be handled so many times to get it into a truck to cart away. Lumber jacks upgraded their tools many years ago, transforming from an axe to a chainsaw. It saved them time and energy and increased returns. Yet for some reason, industries that utilize grizzly screens including mining, construction, foundry, recycling and industrial, have not done the same.
February 22, 2021

Worried that a mid-size dozer won’t have enough power for your bigger jobs? Komatsu’s D71EX/PX-24 with the most powerful hydrostatic transmission (HST) dozer in its size class is effective at grading, pushing, side-cutting and work on soft ground, giving you the flexibility to move from production to finishing with a single machine.
February 18, 2021

With a rear swing of 5 feet 1 inch and a front swing of 5 feet 11 inches, the EWR130E has the shortest swing radius in the 12- to 13-ton range. When coupled with new four-wheel steering and in-line outrigger options, the result is a machine that is easy to control and stable.
February 17, 2021

Developed in response to evolving customer needs and expectations, John Deere has launched its Performance Tiering Strategy, delivering a range of products at different levels of capability and user experience. Available first on the wheel loader lineup, the Performance Tiering Strategy supports customers by providing machine solutions built for various applications and jobs to enhance profitability and efficiency. Moving away from the traditional series letter designations, the Performance Tiering Strategy provides three tiers of machines — G tier, P tier and X tier.
February 2, 2021

Volvo Construction Equipment has unveiled the EX03, the company’s first electric prototype in the mid-size excavator range. With low noise, zero exhaust emissions and reduced maintenance needs, the EX03 represents the future for safer and more environmentally responsible construction sites.
January 27, 2021

Vermeer is updating its trommel screen line with the new Vermeer TR6450 trommel screen, which is capable of sorting up to three product sizes at once. The TR6450 features adjustable front-fines, rear-fines and overs conveyor for efficient multi-product production.
January 26, 2021

Aimed to quickly lessen the skill gap between new and experienced operators, and improve the bottom line for contractors, Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC) is part of the company’s suite of Smart Construction products, services and digital solutions that incorporate a host of advanced, proprietary machine technology. Developed with input from leading construction companies, iMC gives contractors sophisticated, productivity-enhancing automation along with cutting-edge job site design.
January 18, 2021

Volvo Construction Equipment has released the all-new EW200E Material Handler, aimed at the light waste handling segment. Its bigger brother — the EW240E Material Handler — is updated with a longer boom. Both give customers new options for waste and recycling applications.
January 11, 2021

Productivity is key to job site success. And just as technology has transformed global business, Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC) can help quickly transform construction job sites into highly efficient, highly productive operations. Komatsu’s iMC incorporates a host of advanced, proprietary machine technology, to let contractors take advantage of productivity-enhancing automation and cutting-edge job site design. Operators — even those with limited experience — can work with utmost efficiency, guided by sophisticated automation.
January 7, 2021

The most widespread pandemic of modern history has been active for the better part of a year. With that, there isn't much that hasn't already been said in terms of the emotional toll and drastic subsequent effects of COVID-19. From the initial shockwave to now, much of this crisis has been about acquiring the right tools to ward off an invisible threat.

From personal protective equipment, to cleaning supplies, and additional food rations, the American public might say they have never relied on grocery stores as much as they did during 2020. But what Americans may not realize is that they were actually relying on the trucking industry to keep those stores open. A resource covering the trends of trucking and transportation published by Linchpin reported that almost 70% of goods transported in America are mobilized by trucks, and if truck drivers stopped delivering their products, the majority of grocery stores would find their inventory depleted within three days.

It's safe to say that the trucking industry made a substantial impact toward supporting Americans since the pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020. But how has the trucking industry itself fared during this unprecedented time in history? As longtime supporters of the trucking and transportation sector, the team at My Little Salesman has reviewed statistics and testimony from across the industry in order to draw a consensus.
December 30, 2020

Featuring the field-proven, twin-power design to boost cycle times, the new Cat® 657 Wheel Tractor-Scraper (WTS) elevates productivity and operating efficiency to deliver low-cost earthmoving. A 7% increase in fuel efficiency over the 657G WTS means more material moved per unit of fuel burned, and improved onboard payload estimating accuracy helps optimize productivity. The largest open bowl scraper in the Caterpillar line, with a rated load of 46.4 tonnes (52 tons), now has a more spacious cab to boost operator comfort and efficiency in high volume earthmoving, highway construction and mining applications.
December 22, 2020

Vermeer announced it has acquired electric-powered horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and fluid systems technology from Normag. Through this acquisition, Vermeer assumes the rights to develop, manufacture and distribute the proven fully electric HDD rigs, generator sets and fluid management systems, which are currently operating across Europe under the Normag brand.

As a world leader in the HDD and fluid management industry, this acquisition is a key part of the Vermeer strategy to meet growing demand for electric-powered worksite solutions.
December 21, 2020

Purpose-built with customer needs top of mind, the John Deere 700L PL40 Crawler provides a powerful solution for pipelaying applications. Offering a lift capacity of 40,000 pounds, the John Deere-designed and -manufactured 700L PL40 model provides customers with operating ease and exceptional durability.
December 17, 2020

Hiab has released the MOFFETT E4 NX, its next generation eSeries of electric forklifts and the world’s first all electric 3-wheel drive truck mounted forklift.

Inside the chassis of a MOFFETT M4, Hiab has constructed a zero-emission truck mounted forklift powered by lithium ion batteries with new controllers and the new HMI (Human Machine Interface) that displays battery capacity, machine performance and service information. The MOFFETT can be charged from a regular household socket or a 30 amp socket for faster charging, as well as from the truck in between deliveries.
December 15, 2020

Landoll has introduced a new option for Models 855 and 860 Construction Series Detachable trailers. The drop side trailer option features a 5” lowered track area and a raised center. This specialty option benefits end users that are hauling tall excavators, cranes or vehicles that must obtain the very lowest deck height possible.
December 12, 2020

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